Monday, September 30, 2013

Contract services

Another question....

What is your opinion on the contract service we have for our public safety. We pay a lot for what we get. Would you go back to our own services. I think if city does not want core services we should not be a city.

This question is something that requires a lot of thought, as a city we have made a choice that we are going to have to live with for quite some time. The city has sold off most of the infrastructure of our police and fire departments and to go back would require a large capital outlay. That is something that would be a tough pill to swallow. Ultimately there is a lot of water under the bridge for this deal and going back is now very difficult. The change did save us money as a city but at a price, and that price is less service in the form of less police on patrol in the city and less knowledge of the goings on of the city by officers that stay local all the time. But I want everyone to know that as I understand it the UPD will be allowed to collect fees from Midvale city citizens and businesses in the future, we have left a door open for an increased charge for less services which I have a real problem with!

As for us being a city I believe that we should be in  control of what goes on in our neighborhoods, I do not believe we would be better served at the county level or being absorbed by one of our neighboring cities. I think we should control those issues surrounding us.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Views question response


Having read your blog, I need to say that I do agree with you on several of your points. I see you are a facilities manager. What experience have you had developing and adhering to a multi-million dollar budget? Do you have a firm grasp on the principle governing governmental accounting. I would also be interested to know what committees you served on in our schools and if you chaired the committees or if you were simply a member of the committee?

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This was a comment I got on my views post and thank you to the person that wrote it. (I guess it’s a soup question)

As for adherence to a multi-million dollar budget I understand the issues that are faced when making and spending budgetary monies. The first time you start making and spending large amounts of money it feels like you are playing monopoly (at least for me). There is a large amount of money but it spends just like the money in your wallet, in fact the money Midvale uses comes in great part from the many wallets of our citizens. The city has employees that are in charge of making sure the budget is balanced and I would hope that it is audited at least once a year. I have never managed a twenty million dollar a year budget but I would expect that most people have not. The city should have to answer for its spending and it does. Here is the latest posted proposed budget.

Digging through this was interesting reading; thankfully the mayor does not have to come up with the budget they only have to approve it. I have no desire to approve every purchase of the city but I would be happy to know that the city purchases are there to serve the city and I believe this can be done by the existing auditing measures in place, if not they would be put in place. There are two things that jump out at me in this, first would be that the rainy day fund is at 15% (maximum 18%) which is a great thing and second is we have a $1,000,000 roads fund, where is this money going? There is a lot of road work going on but most of it seems to be other utility contractors.

Governmental accounting is a little more foreign to me. I am not an accountant and I would hope the city has one with a little more experience than I have, but I recognized there are factors that the city must pay attention to in long and short term planning. Bonds, levies and taxes all play a role in the city’s planning as well as understanding some of the complex issues of tax breaks for purposes of luring businesses or developers, all of these issues are important to understand, but really belong to the professionals that the city has hired to run these programs. I believe the Mayor should understand these concepts, but is there to guide the direction of the city to be able to make the best decisions for Midvale and its citizens.

My service was on my local elementary school community council which I served as a member and as chair at one point but I feel I have served much more than this shows, I have always gone to the city and voiced my concerns on community issues and development and have served in my local church to help better the community by serving others and helping to improve others lives.

Monday, August 12, 2013


Tomorrow August 13th is the primary election! Get out and vote!
If you need to know your polling place heres the place to look

Harvest Days

Thanks to those who put so much effort into Harvest Days, what a great way to celebrate our community. I am sorry that I did not participate in the parade but I had much more fun walking down the parade route and talking to so many great Midvale people! The fireworks were great and I look forward to continuing the tradition of Harvest Days! Midvale really is a great city!

Monday, July 29, 2013

How will you provide parks and places to play?

                I am going to start this one by saying I took a walk in the Midvale City Park the other day, I was beside myself when I saw the playground area in the center. All the playground equipment is gone, where did it go? The city has removed parts and pieces over the years, I have assumed it was due to liability, but I don’t understand it. There is playground equipment on the other side of the softball field but it is difficult to get to. Midvale City Park has changed many times over the years, before the boys and girls club was built there was another playground there, I am not sure what the goal of the park is today. I would love to make it a family oriented place to gather. I think we have great locations for parks in the city, I am just not sure what we are trying to accomplish with them. I would like to start making the existing Midvale parks work for the community again. I believe we need to refocus on the parks that we have and make them functional as a destination for families to go to and have fun.

                I’m sure that someone is going to read this and tell me how dangerous parks are; I personally have quite a scar on my forehead from a swing (and my brother). We need to find a balance on things that people can enjoy and things with limited liability. With that said I would hope we can find things that families can enjoy in our parks!